Welcome to the site of the nineteenth century "ship's draftsman" Jacob Spin.


Jacob Spin manufactured between 1824 and 1873 hundreds of ship's portraits, often at the request of the shipmasters, or on behalf of the shipowner. These ship’s portraits are a very important iconography of nineteenth century sailing vessels.


The purpose of this site is to initiate the development of an oeuvre catalogue about the work of Jacob Spin and thereby capture a significant part of Dutch maritime history. In the development of this "catalog Jacob Spin" your help is therefore needed.


If you are in the possession of a ship’s portrait made by Jacob Spin, we kindly request for your cooperation. Is this ship's portrait not on this site, we invite you to send us a picture of this portrait by clicking the "submit" button.


Is the ship's portrait in your possession already on this site, it would be nice if you could check the information and complement it where possible. With good digital high resolution photos, you can make an important contribution to make this project succeed.


We kindly request curators of maritime museums and auction houses, to deliver available digital information.


We hope you have fun with the ship's portraits on this site.